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Information on reopening the school will be posted here:

Excerpt from Parent Letter sent to registered families on July 28, 2020:

We have been working on preparing for the opening of school to provide a safe, clean and healthy learning environment for your children.  The guidelines for reopening are still a work in progress and have already changed since some childcare centers have reopened in June.  The State is closely monitoring the requirements for health and safety and will continue to update these requirements based on successful safe practices in the field. 


Changes to date will include:

  • Single check in at the door for each child.

  • Use of Protective Personal Equipment for all staff

  • Upgraded cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting throughout the day

  • Reduced class sizes to allow for social distancing in the classroom.

Please contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns at this point.  We can be reached at 978-689-8414 or


Due to current EEC regulations, we cannot have Early Drop-Off or Extended Day at this time.  We also cannot take "drop in" Lunch Bunch children.  Lunch Bunch needs to be set at beginning of the year.

Thank you for your understanding.

Excerpt from Parent Letter sent to registered families on August 18, 2020:

Teachers will check in your child at the door closest to their classroom.  Once the check in is complete, your child will wash their hands to begin their day.  Coats and backpacks will be kept separate from each other.  Each child will have their own chair with their name on it to sit.  All toys and learning materials will be separated and cleaned and after each child’s use. 


Snack will be served to each child individually.  Hands will be washed before and after snack.


Hands will be washed before and after children use the playground.  One class at a time will use the playground with time built in between to clean and sanitize the equipment. 


Tables and chairs and areas that are commonly touched throughout the day will be cleaned frequently and as needed.


Children will use the bathroom one at a time and will also be cleaned and sanitized after each use.  The soap dispensers are motion activated and the paper towels automatically dispense.


At this time, we have suspended early drop off and late pickup as children cannot crossover into other classrooms.  Children that are staying for Lunch Bunch will be grouped together so that they stay in the same classroom for both morning class time and Lunch Bunch. 


Children are encouraged to wear masks, but not required.  Staff are required to wear masks unless they are safely distanced from the children. 

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