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All of our three children attended Chapel School along with other family members in the past that had recommended the school to us. From the beginning to the end, Chapel School has provided a nurturing and positive environment that our children have benefited from every year.
The developmental learning has been outstanding at this Preschool from a personal, social and emotional level throughout the years. The staff is exceptional based on their knowledge and experience. The programs offered are also extremely flexible and accommodating for working parents especially having the Lunch Bunch option.
Lastly, I would highly recommend the 5 Day Pre K program with Mrs. Buresh/Mrs. Bajor. The overall curriculum from start to finish was amazing! This class mastered new concepts and enhanced the social skills needed to help prepare the children for Kindergarten with confidence.
We will miss Chapel as we close our last year there, but we will continue to recommend it to all our friends in the upcoming years.

Cathy and Chris Tikellis, September 2017

The words “Thank You” cannot begin to describe the level of appreciation that we have for the care and consideration you have given, not to just all four of our children, but to us as a family, over the last eight years. Your support and unending flexibility over the last year -and-a- half, in particular, has truly been a blessing to us during what has been a challenging time.
Chapel has been a place where we have always been more than comfortable with entrusting the care of our children. While there may have been a handful of days we’ve left a crying child behind at morning drop-off as we went on our day, we were assured that when we returned for pick-up there would be a happy and healthy child there to greet us. Not only have our kids met or exceeded their developmental milestones through the curriculum, Chapel has instilled the values of respect and manners, reinforcing what we strive to teach at home. As with Kathryn, Ells and Ben, we know that Charlotte is well prepared for her venture into Kindergarten.
This transition to a new phase of life is one that is bitter-sweet. We will miss seeing your kind and smiling faces each day, but will always value the lasting impression you have left on our family.

The Bensons, September 2017

Chapel is by far the best I could have hoped for as far as my son’s first school experience. Initially I was very apprehensive about leaving my child in the care of others but from the first time I met the staff at chapel I knew my son would be safe and in great hands. The school is very neat clean and organized. The classrooms are bright cheerful and fun and stimulating to young minds. We were fortunate enough to have Mrs. Buresh and Mrs. Bajor for pre-K 5 day. My son gained so much from the fun yet structured environment they created for the kids. I was so impressed with the creativity of the crafts my son would bring home and how quickly they could teach him things that I had previously struggled with. The class size was perfect promoting socialism and they provided the perfect balance of free play and guided learning. The amount of time and effort Mrs. Buresh put into preparing her lessons is beyond measure and far exceeded any expectations I had as far as how much my son would learn in pre-K. She made my son excited for school and thirsty for knowledge setting him on a trajectory for success in the future. I cant express how much I appreciated this. Truly exceptional. Sue in the front office was always more than happy to answer any of my questions and very efficient and knowledgeable with her answers. It is very apparent the school director is running a smooth operation at Chapel with all the day to day activities appearing seamless. She has brought together a warm and caring staff creating an environment that allows children to thrive. As a parent you want the best for your kids and I truly believe that is what my son received at Chapel.


Renee Georgopolis, September 2017

I have had 2 children go to Chapel School for the past 5 years. I am so sad to say good bye to this school! This is not just a school it is a wonderful community. I can not say enough about all the teachers, they have taught my children so much, from there ABC’S, numbers, colors, shapes, self help skills, problem solving and most importantly LOVE! Sue and Cindy are always there to help with any questions and not a morning goes by that a teacher or staff member doesn’t say good morning or greet you with a smile. My children have built relationships at the Chapel School that they will have forever! Leaving your child sometimes is so hard but when I leave the Chapel School I know my child is in the best hands and they will have an amazing day!

Stephanie Corthell, September 2017

Both of my children attended Chapel and I can’t recommend this school enough for any child. The staff and teachers are dedicated to each child and family and provide the attention and care every individual needs. My son graduated from Chapel completely prepared for Kindergarten and my daughter is about to graduate equally ready. The devotion of the teachers to both academically and socially advance my children was exceptional as was the individualized care and attention they gave both of them.

Mindy Lim, September 2017

After having all four of our children attend The Chapel School we wholeheartedly recommend this school to other families in the Merrimack Valley, Our children had such a wonderful experience attending Chapel over the years due to the caring and dedication of each of the staff members. They graduated from Chapel solidly prepared for grade school and have excelled because of the strong foundation they received here. We will be forever grateful for the kindness, compassion and devotion Chapel gave to our children.

Erin and Sean Bowler, August 2012

The first time I walked into Chapel Preschool in 2002 I felt it was a safe and comfortable place to send my first born for his preschool years.  Now ten years later, it is the last day of preschool for my 4th and last child, I feel very fortunate to have found Chapel.  All 4 of my children have benefited in different ways from the attention and dedication of their wonderful teachers and staff.  I feel as if I am leaving behind some wonderful friends, the guidance and advice they have provided me has helped me to handle everything from a “surprise” severe peanut allergy to a child that wasn’t quite ready for kindergarten.  Thank you Chapel for your support and friendship and I would recommend you to anyone looking for a safe and comfortable environment where they know each child by name and truly care.

AnnMarie Collins, August 2012

Having known many past graduates, I always knew I would send my children to Chapel Preschool when the time came. I have never doubted my decision as my daughter is surrounded by the most caring, patient, fun-loving staff every day. Sadly, we are relocating and are only hoping to find a school as dedicated to fostering each child’s unique development of social, emotional, and educational skills.

Tammy MacNeil, M.Ed. / C.A.G.S MA Certified School Psychologist

Our daughter has attended Preschool 2 day, 3 day and is now enrolled in Pre-K 5 day and has loved every minute. I highly recommend The Chapel School to anyone looking for an outstanding early education program.

Thomas Regan

The faculty at Chapel is exceptional, from the teachers to the director to the other parents, it’s a friendly, warm and inviting place to be. I am amazed at how much my daughter is learning and am very pleased with the academics that Chapel offers, and as a parent I love that my child is important as is every child that attends that school.

Kristen Lombardi

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